Convergence of terms

In the still (in both meanings of the noun of that word) of the night, there is, to he or she, who is absolutely receptive, a great and everlasting serenity.

It is programmed by the nature of nature into the nature of nature.

When, like the avocet; whichever species – we are quietly attentive to the gracious chemistry of water, we may begin, to contemplate hydrogen fusion.

I don’t know any other phrase that suits; but in the 3 phases and the 14 stages of that transitional chemistry from H to H2 and, then helium, the sun runs on this logos; in that flushed process, one finds the evolution of man’s understanding of mathematics; when one is fully capable and totally attentive.

In that mathematics is a convergence with something that is very old in man’s inquiry into philosophy. The Ancient Greeks had a word for it:


The Tamils also had their own word: Yerimootam

To understand the biophysics and biochemistry of those symbols – as they operate in the sun, and in the soil and the whole zoo of nature, is essential to human evolution, when paired; when harnessed with absolute morality.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Helium3 which is in abundance on the moon is the key to clean fusion reusable rockets play a key role

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