Human Husbandry Adapted

The adaption of human husbandry as the evolution of our understanding of ecology expands is important.

That evolving harmony, that butterfly of nurtured nature, it changes our outlook and this is reflected as DNA, as imprinted in time.

Ecology is the study of the nature of diverse and disparate aspects and relationships that make nature function as it is inspired to. Both the study of the stuff of that. And the study of man’s best practices for cultivating the land and water sources and Human Resources. That is the vast vista that is this wide ranging and strategic and tactical discipline that we call ecology.

There is an ecology to the mind happily homed in a body, and to the garden of our creative endeavors.

Mathematics and music – they map those relationships – relationships that make nature function as it is inspired to.

All evolve.

Clarifying these things demands observation, intuition, examination, experience and experimental adaption, incubation, and a steady stream of illumination, and, when the mind is fully attentive, with no resistance patrolling the psyche, not yet undone; no insecurity to prevent self knowledge, then, in that garden of rich and devoted tendering to the amphitheater of life, one is a natural scientist.

The root word of “science” is the same root as that found in the word “conscience,” it means “to know.”

The work of David Bohm, the physicist, his work on the Holographic Universe, it is so important, because he understood something he described as “implicate order.” This isn’t some insane political movement, this is something a very great physicist saw into. What it means is that one cannot separate consciousness from nature. It is viewing it. But not only is it viewing it – it is it – and the nature of consciousness, the nature of nature has an innate benevolent intelligence and imagination wired into it.

David Bohm was an American physicist who taught in London, England at UCL and elsewhere. He was around during McCarthyism. He witnessed all of this theater of minds that were not really paying attention to nature, but, at the same time, he really paid attention and witnessed the nature of nature.

The Greeks spoke of husband – ecology – economy

The character of man and the depth of his science, his knowing, of the ecology, of the nature of nature, and the application of his understanding, that determines the evolution of the economy. In physics, in Quantum physics, in light of the double split experiment and other research, David Bohm proposed the holographic universe and an implicate order,

The Indians called it Dharma.

The Greeks called it Logos.

Abraham Lincoln described it as rightness; of it he wrote:

“Rightness is provided with the instruments of safety by the heavens.”

Einstein wanted to know whether it was a friendly universe.

It is. When we are.

To be friendly -in the most swift and wise and wide way possible it helps to go back to a speech that President John F Kennedy gave to the Irish Parliament in Dublin.

In his speech that day in the summer of 1963, he said:

“This is an extraordinary country,”, then added, “George Bernard Shaw, speaking as an Irishman, summed up an approach to life: Other people, he said, see things and say: ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were, and I say: ‘Why not?’”

To be friendly, in the deepest sense, is to not make dreams your master, but to fish for that deepest trust in you,

in the very marrow of life as it surges within you, and in that trust of what is good in you and in man; in every creative man, woman and child, and built in to nature too, when we make peace with our decency and do not squabble over the pitfalls of our complacency and ignorance.

Then you can investigate and enjoy and feel fully at home on earth.

In such a spirit, like a child at an Easter egg hunt, full of the rush of discovery and interest, one can plumb the depths of the nature of nature; this is the natural work of the natural scientist that is man.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    A dream will always be a dream as long as it is not made into a physical manifestation, to make a dream manifest into existence we have to make it be
    Nathan Curry commented :
    The marrow of nature under its surface version must be penetrated and fully understood for vision to be fully afforded.

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