The essence of Logos

I sense, other than virtue, and the round shoulders of devoted love, the greatest gift that one can first own, and then impart to a child, is the love of the symmetry in nature; and, at in the straddled heights of our history as human beings, there have been moments, when our civilization was most reverent and curious about the nature of nature.

In those moments, of naissant curiosity, we find, and this has been consistently so, those eras of time when we have advanced the most, as individuals and as a species, they happened precisely because we paid keenest attention to that symmetry.

The Ancient Greeks under Herodotus, and Parmenides, Empedocles and Pythagoras, these men, they ushered in an evolution of the species because they contemplated and penetrated the nature of nature. The yogis did it too. And the Taoists and the Tantric schools.

The Greeks called it “logos.” To explain it in the shortest way possible is:

‘common sense in alignment with the implicate angles of the whole.”

The best phrase I have found, and I am fond of it, from India, to explain it is:

“the yoga of yoga;”

– this awareness that there is a mind

– in nature and it is supremely intelligent and not dogmatic in the slightest

– and in the mind of nature, as it exhibits itself,

– and hence, in man.

And, what is extraordinarily about the nature of nature is that, through the auspices of man’s thinking, it is possible to be fully attentive to the fine tuning of that set of alignments.

– And work with it, rather than in contradiction of ones best interests. It is found in ethics and in pure mathematics and all the applied sciences. It is the music of the spheres. It is implicate. It is revealed to the quiet attentive good natured balanced mind.

Yet, that can only be done, of course, using the instrument we have: our mind.

But, only when the mind is quiet, very light hearted, not heavy at all, and not disturbed, in any way, such a mind, it very much definitely can fathom the nature of nature, with a calm and qualified awe-inspired precision, and discern what matters, and discriminate what is right.

It has been the labored history of religion in the family of man, and the history of much corrosive inhuman and insecure politics, to posit that such a quiet, sane, wise, secure and caring mind is divergent from the norm and, well, difficult to be as is.

It has also been a consistent argument by many psychologists; that, it may happen one day, when, the truth is, it is ever effulgent:

You drop the ego, fine tune preference, never stray from virtue, and you get that out of your own way. You drop it like an attentive gardener might take twine that has wrapped around baby bird’s leg and trapped it. You just remove it- with focus and effort and practically. You don’t assault the profane in the process.

The beetle does not need psychotherapy, nor does it need to be inauthentic to its essential nature. Only man attempts to deny his authentic nature, in all of nature.

The masks of man can block him from discovering the very evolved psychology that his mind, properly engaged, is, quite naturally, capable of.

When those masks are seen to be superfluous to this actual clarified peaceful and centered self, comprised of trust and self-worth and fathomless integrity, and certain peace, then, a deeper faculty of self-knowing is employed.

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