The atomic, the quantum, and the holographic.

It is true that a book was published shortly after Einstein uploaded his most radical papers in 1905.

The book was titled something like ‘100 famous scientists argue why Einstein was wrong.’ And, it is true, it is recorded and known, that Einstein said,

“But, isn’t one enough?”

He prevailed. But he was wrong about one thing. He did not yet see what David Bohm saw. He saw the atomic and the quantum; but he didn’t penetrate the associated holographic.

From an expert and experienced professional ecologist’s point of view that adds up to holistic action with regard to livestock, as their happy co-existence with the rest of the flora and fauna is critical to the balance of nature, and man yanks the chain of that dominance; when he does it under the auspices of the deepest holistic management then, all is well, on earth.

There is an absolutely water right and water-tight ethical stance to that too.

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    With reference to the 2nd to last paragraph:
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    And the last line: some people can take care of the livestock; well, it can also become common practice. It’s bound to.

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