The Curious Stahl

I have looked in the all the relevant history of biology and chemistry and the only man who seemed on track to understand viruses, it was a man named Stahl. I mean he came the closest before Newton butchered Goethe and science became overly reductionistic (Carl Jung and Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were all challenged by this) -George Ernst Stahl – he was a very clear mind, he was a very brilliant man indeed.

His understanding was misunderstood.

There are three domains of life:




And then, we have tried to explain viruses.

And to understand what a virus is it takes some intelligence. But outside of all the supernatural takes we have of the cosmos, there is something that you cannot deny.

It is in the most wisely navigated confluence of the dispensed valor of the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks and the Indians:






These five horses, when tethered in unison, with the right application of natural science and total concentration and salient sapience, it is the combination of these things, taken in harmony, that deliver evolution like the happy cow well nurtured.

But when the cow is pained and not nurtured, when the pig is not given its due, when we are mean and brutish to the chicken and whatever aspect of the domestic situation of our presence in nature, then we fall short of the mark of our measure. And, that, is actually how viruses happen.

Nikola Tesla wrote that “birds do not fly, they are flown, fish do not swim, they are swam.” That is true. Nature is a great symphony. It is very much intelligent and aware and in chorus with a larger whole. But when we are undignified to nature it comes to bite us in the butt.

That is the software of the biology of nature – those strands of DNA and RNA.

And: there is an impact when nature is not treated the way it inspires.

That activity creates the discord.

That activity that lacks virtue, the right dignity that an animated being, an animal naturally inspires, whenever man does not act in accordance with the angles of his better nurtured nature.

And, that, can be painlessly reversed with the devotion of minds, and their whole hearted wise endeavor, without strain, to the preservation of nature and the best of our nature; no more predicated on by insignificant and indifferent and undignified attachments to the denial of the deeper truths of our intrinsic humanity, and that is most certainly endemic to the human species.

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