Meditations on L and K theory

With a 12,000 Horse-powered truck, fired by hydrogen fusion:- H to H2 – safely rendered, that kind of scale of expansive tech; as a beginning – and the right application of Perennial Phyto-Neo-Duction-perpetual-currency to L and K theory of Terry Wall, and G-theory of Nathan Curry facilitated toward Nikola Tesla and George Ernst Stahl’s unfinished works – great well steered and wisely piloted peaceful power is unleashed.

When clarified in accordance with the implied symmetry of nature, such quantum packets of capacity can, in tandem with such approaches as below – transform the navigated reckonings of humanity:

And Allan Savory’s work combined with what Rudolf Steiner implicately understood, and Australian permaculture Japanese and Indian and Mongolian and African and European and Pan-American and Slavic support, and the Arab nations and all listed dignitaries of fhe United Nations, in that hallowed harbor, as if beneath a contemplative beech tree, there in that very implicit and implicate port, is the haven of what we need to most embrace.

Furthermore, as critical synergies:

E = Mc 2 x Suitable constant


Avogadro’s number – The term “Avogadro’s number” was first used by French physicist Jean Baptiste Perrin. … If you divide the charge on a mole of electrons by the charge on a single electron you obtain a value of Avogadro’s number of 6.02214154 x 1023 particles per mole.

And Prime and Fibonacci numbers

And what the Greeks called: Chaldean and Pythagorean mathematics – merge this and reverse confusions over entropy as chaos and you have phlogiston. Now, in that context:

It may be recognized that:

H2 fusion – spelt with a floating 2 – fully safely rendered.

And: integrated with the nexus of:

Perennial Phyto-Neo-Duction-perpetual-current.

And the universal quantum of evolution phi or pi 7 in Pythagorean math and 8 in Chaldean, when rightly placed in coordinated context, then, these are decidedly progressive moves that are indeed: both praised and proficiently robust and most clear mediators to a better future for mankind.

When we stand in a field of poppies saturated with bees and we see our valleys of sunlight and valor, then the above is known.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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    Any proficient sea farer or gifted farmer would agree, any irrigation scientist too, common sense clarifies it.

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