Helen Schucman and the word “special.”

Helen Schucman, who wrote the Course in Miracles – she had a certain fixation with the word “special.”

Helen was a very gifted woman. No doubt about it. And she was definitely on to something there.

But it wasn’t clarified well in what she wrote.

There are two kinds of specialness.

There is the specialness of insecurity. That is a most destructive thing and the moment it is witnessed one must attend to it in oneself – right there and then – not delay, not find excuses not to confront that pained projection in the mind. It is most unwise and self harming to not attend to that toxic madness. To thoroughly dispense of it. With great calm and stillness and total sanity and levity, but due awareness of the gravity of not attending to it.

Then there is the specialness of loving your family and your friends and your grandchildren and your children and nature, your fellow man, and your innate goodness, implicate in the nature of nature, loving it to the state where it fully blossoms.

That kind of specialness, you water that with all your heart and your focused leisurely clarified mind, like a constant gardener.

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