Thought and the still mind

My closest friend, Tara Singh, wrote these words in the attached photos. He made one error. He classified thought as being an issue. He was right about the still mind. But thought is just floating stuff unless it is wired to the chariot of compassionate intelligence.

Then, the work of David Bohm the physicist can be applied. His theory is called The Holographic Universe. It is absolutely correct. The same mathematics percolates through nature.

It is torrentially abundant and it is innovative and evolutionary and ardent and it is most importantly actual and gracious and benevolent. Life, I mean.

When we tend the soils of our rooted culture and our humanity and our liberation from all perceived victimhood, then the Earth is seen and revealed and considered and consoled and revered with great irreverence.

The quantum of the sweet solved solving solace of gravity and levity forever inter-twined. It serves and services, by its nature; humanity.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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