Humanity as goodness

There is in man a goodness that cannot be undone. It is natural and in-born. One calls that goodness: our humanity.

The Ancient Greeks referred to that as “the family of man.” It is the root word of the English word “politics.”

The Germans gave us the word “heaven.” It means the place of clouds. Clouds are found where plants flourish. We know how to make them flourish. When we are fully earnest, when our humanity is fully expressed and healed.

It is quite practical to do that and not difficult. It just requires putting ones back into it. And trust. And dedication and kindness and foresight. But it is quite possible, indeed inevitable:

When we man ourselves to be so clarified. The Greeks called that glorious Earth: Gaia.

Knowledge brought to application is the very essence of man. And it is what makes the animals marvel at his great ingenuity. It is quite natural.

It is Gaia. The Indians called it Prakriti which means “Nature.” The Yogis came to understand, like the Ancient Greeks, that it has a mind. That there is a nature to nature. A yoga of yoga. A perfectly healed sane constantly clarifying and clarified consistency, that is the navigated engine: TKV Desikachar called it the nature of nature. Charles Darwin witnessed it in the natural world and referred to it as “evolution.”

Detrimental activity is uprooted at source when we honor the wiring of the art referred to here by Carl Jung:

“We must be able to let things happen in the psyche. For us, this is an art of which most people know nothing. Consciousness is forever interfering, helping, correcting, and negating, never leaving the psychic processes to grow in peace.”

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