The Deepest Wiring

At the height of apartheid in South Africa a man with more melanin in his skin than me, he sat down with a pen and paper and he wrote a poem. He watched the savage coldness of apartheid. He witnessed it all his life.

In his poem, he writes that you can do many many many terrible things to me, but, and he repeats, in a musical hurricane of conviction.

He says over and again, citing examples of all the injustice he witnessed – man against his fellow man, …

And then he says: “but there is one thing, you can never stop me doing: you can never ever ever stop me loving you.” You can even imagine him saying it with a warm smile and a fun cheeky grin. I never met that man. But he touched me.

I remember reading that and feeling I was in the company of a pen that had real heart. It displayed evidence of a mind firmly devoted to loving vision. And a spirit that had the capacity to heal all wounds. I heard in his voice, not the stirrings of a mythic figure. I simply heard a man who had the dignity to love himself, and other people, no matter what.

Just as chores build character, our humanity is lifted when we listen to the deepest wirings of nature and gift ourselves the patient rich happy lessons of their wisdom.

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1 thought on “The Deepest Wiring”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    When you paint pictures of beauty using strokes by the same brush, you must be careful not to tarnish the similarities that are used to divide
    Nathan Curry commented :
    You must not be blinded by such nonsense. It is most disgracious and that is not an adjective befitting of man.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Not everyone transcends beyond how they have learnt by the pictures rendered before them, and fail to see we are all from the same pallet
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies palette.
    That is not true. That is potential and therefore actual in nature.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Thanks for the spell check, where is your proof this is not true,as this is my felt understanding?
    Matthew Davies commented :
    I would like to know!
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies study the 🐝 , study the sun, study the night, study the nature of nature, study the nature of ecology, deliberate, clarify – solidify – then invigorating is.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Or as the Ancient Greeks put it:
    Know thyself.
    Or as the Indian yogi Patanjali wrote:
    Yogash Citta Vrtti nirodaha.
    To understand those things clarifies all.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    And a line from the Course in Miracles: “Remember to laugh.”
    Loving laughter.
    Matthew Davies replied :
    Nathan Curry always and forever
    Nathan Curry commented :
    And never be mean. On any level and in any way.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Absolutely Spot on
    Nathan Curry commented :
    There is no farmer without the husbandry of man.
    Husband means one who tends. Tenderly.
    The Greeks saw the symmetry – Abraham Lincoln definitely did. Yet he held grudges against his father. When his father died he was close enough to go to his funeral. But he did not go. That greatly pained him later. Fortunately, Robert A Johnson wrote He, She and We that clarifies those pain points. He combined with Taoist and tantra solves those lingering pains in the consciousness of man.
    Gaia = Man awakened to his actual nature.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Nathan Curry I hope you spoke to your dad
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies I have thanks.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Glad to hear
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies Thankyou Sir.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Enriched by your conversation as usual thanks

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