Not a crease of arrogance

When life gifts you superlative teachers, and one among them, a great Ambassador from the East, the greatest I have encountered in the history books. My good friend Tara Singh, he was so great because he didn’t have a hint of arrogance, not a crease of it, the haughty kind. Well, then you start to contemplate how you might spend trillions of dollars to mediate the pain on the planet. To make it go away.

And in your solitude you are brought to a garden and in that garden there is a microcosm of a world. Among your teachers was one who intimated what the nature of nature was, or inferred it with a similar phrase. And there, pondering the great spectacle of nature you are drawn out to ponder her secrets. And you see that in one small field is the whole law of nature and it stretches out like a very great park across the wonderland and seen seas of earth.

And insights into ecology and energy and wise economy emerge. You must put your false modesty aside, but not your love of truth and man and inspiration. You must gather those things very close to heart and light a fire inside you that has the capacity to look insecurity in the eye and make sure it is totally unemployed and that is the nature of nature, of humility, sanity, dignity, love and perseverance; to clarify what truly matters.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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