Ancient Greek Husbandry

The early Ancient Greeks knew that the crucible, the very pivot of alignment and sanity in nature lay exclusively with husbandry. They had all these nature gods like Demeter, because they were just in awe of nature. They had a motto too:

Know thyself.

Knowledge is. You sit with what is. In every single moment. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can change form. Energy has a tendency to clarify

Some of them, a very small few of them, in early Greece did know themselves. That’s how humanism was born on the planet. It never died.

Human husbandry, natural husbandry of the oceans, of the beautiful earth, of the sky and the moon and the stars in the heavens. That is our lot.

And when we are still enough inside, liberated of all resistances, then the clarity of the nature of nature and the sun and hydrogen and all the elements and polymers and power that follows, and the symmetry of nature and the two forms of mathematics- these things are given.

To be a good husband – to be fully sane and totally calm and capable and thoroughly decent – one must become a very dedicated student of ecology. Once ecology is penetrated and clarified then the economy that follows is steady and perpetually abundant and healthily managed. And as this is a law of nature – it is universally applicable.

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