A kindness on the wind

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Nathan Curry

There is a certain kindness on the earth and on the wind today. For sure, I feel it, I trust it, I come to know it.

To be it.


I have looked into the nature of nature. Most persistently. I witness its most grand benevolence and its clear and steady torrential abundance.

It suffices. Amply so.

At the zenith of the highest mountain of our humanity there is a naturalness and a plainness that is judicious. But not unkind. That sourcefulness, that capacity, that genius, that sensitivity, it has all sense and true power.

That power would never move a mountain. It would never go against nature – it is nature. Why would it attack itself. That clarified oneness, that unity that is at the core of nature is tremendously bright.

There is no other word for it. It is bright and practical and fashionably dynamic and truly creative and if we take Shakespeare’s line that “man is the paragon of animals,” it follows that man is the exemplary animal. So to be attuned to nature he must be exemplary.

He must find the virtuous life. That’s the only reason we have emergency wards and regret and forgiveness and the madness of many many many myriad forms of unclear thinking.

You know all neediness goes away when we are authentic. The flower is authentic. It blooms and the bee comes. The butterfly is authentic. It never goes back to the same place twice. It is ever new. Well, that hologram is not lost on the paragon of animals.

It is not.

When we turn about from our denial of what is evident and elemental and essential, then we poke ourselves and one another in the eye. Deserts follow in the wake of such defiant destitution of the better dialogues we may have with ourselves. And nature.

You know the root meaning of the word “nature.” It simply means to be born. When the mind has seen into the nature of nature, it outgrows complaining, complacency, procrastination, all the inner mental insecurities that lead to our textured pain.

That’s an absolute truth. The bear does not know insecurity. But when we fail to honor ourselves and our place in nature – we push it on to him.

We are the issue. Shift that by shifting ones desk at the high table of capacity and filter it through the clarity of great luminosity and common decency and common sense and we find a different countenance.

A solid courage. One that is above attack and defense. One that walks the line of rightness. Of goodness. Of what is implicate, not what is replicate. Then the Union of the uniqueness of nature comes into focus.

That’s the parodoxical nature of the root meaning of the word “unique” – it means “one.” But in the quantum it also means the “quality of being the only one of its kind.” Unique and varied.

Astonishing isn’t it?

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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