Plants make clouds

Plants make clouds. That’s an absolute fact.

Lincoln said: “Rightness is provided with the instruments of safety by the heavens.”

To do the right thing. The inspired thing. The wisely generous thing. The sanely common sense thing. The dynamic thing. The evolutionary thing. The clarified thing. The gentle and strong and wise and quantum giving and gifted thing.

The root of the word “heaven” – in old German, it means “the place of clouds.”

Humanism simply means to be good and to know yourself and voice your truth with the conviction of one who sees into what sees the symmetrical universe, beyond the mad pursuit of defense and attack, and honors itself and that implicate symmetry.

There is a garden in nature. Explicitly. And in the mind. Implicitly. Cleanly, thoroughly, seatedly. They are not separate. They are seamless. Flown by you. And the heated convection of the loving justness of your mind.

“There is one rule in the garden, above all others, it is – never take out more than you put in. Follow that cardinal rule and you will always be blessed with abundance.”

Alan Chadwick, Biodynamic Farmer and Shakespearean Actor

Naturally you cherish it.

Unashamedly. Unapologetically. Without disdain. Happily.


© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Matthew Davies commented :
    One can contribute with abundance or abstain from contribution, investment in that witch is our futures pay forward in where it is needed
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Matthew Davies replied :
    Nathan Curry bad spelling again hey!
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies just stop inside. Take all haste out of the conduct. Cow 🐄 tow to the company of a laxed nature, the attention needed is therein.

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