You know one of my greatest discoveries was supported by a little hen and a story about wombats.

Wombats have been studied by ethnology biologists – men and women who study behavior of plants and animals.

It is something anyone can do, I have done it all my life. It was never hard to be utterly fascinated by an animal or a bird or a pony or a plant or the night sky. That is not hard. It is natural.

The wombats are on the move a lot. They move home a lot. But no one asks the why. They may do but perhaps in a superficial way. Wombats move around a lot because man is frightened.

The apex predator on the planet. Man. I saw the most recent version of the movie Predator – snippets of it recently. There was a female scientist who questioned the name for the alien. She thought predator was a bit harsh. The root of predator means to seize plunder. And the root of plunder is household effects. There was a bruised and badly treated black panther who was taken to a safari park in South Africa. A panther whisperer came. Lol yes they exist. Someone who had a sensitivity for communing with animals. This beautiful animal, one of the jewels of the jungle, he was named Diablo. The Devil in Spanish. He didn’t like his name. He didn’t like the projections on to him but he gradually got happier and the whisperer asked that they change his name to Spirit. Spirit is what animal means: animated, spirited. If you look at the song Purple Rain by Prince – a very sexy and euphoric and happy song – the very name has a feeling in its intonation of sacred and profane. Purple rain. Sacred and profane. When we are not scared, when we are not callous and when we are not cynical, and not inattentive to our practiced, dynamic and actual needs, we do not make the sacred and profane dark. That’s what scared guilty people do. It’s written sacred. Not scared. It’s almost as if we got our nature wrong. A flower in nature is never ashamed. Beautiful and dignified and fertile and ok with that. We can be too. And totally end our destructive habits by ending our indignity and just being virtuous.

That’s the meaning of the word vritti in Sanskrit.

It means what gets aligned with the deep mind. It gifts us vertical action, right action, sane and centered and generous action. But when we are so frenetic and so frightened we get viruses. That word comes from the vrtti word too. This is not a theory. It can be observed when the symmetric synthesis of nature is clarified carefully.

Nature is alive and most definitely has feelings. But we must end our overmothering and our toxic animal husbandry and myopic plant husbandry and we must understand the nature of nature and work with it and not against our own natures. When this is not prioritized:

If you have a family who are angry and bitter and often attacking and defending and insecure, then you have trauma and upset and psychosis. We haven’t made it a top top top priority to attend to that.

As a species. I mean that. You can’t blame it on any ethnic group. But, when you sharpen your eyes, when you keenly become a student of that beautiful gardened earth, things most tremendous and wondrous are imparted.

The wounded environment – not attended to at root – it actually puts a block on human development and evolution.

The hen came a little bruised to me. There were two cockerels and they, genetically, impacted by the frenetic behavior of man, they had become charred with a kind of brutish pain. But when I met them with the dignity and love they naturally inspired she ran over to me one day from the corner of the yard when a guest was visiting and she ran! She ran so fast. It was the most joyous thing to watch. I treasure her and her partner and Lambo the younger cockerel.

She taught me that hens had evolved over millions of years to hide very well in their nests. Birds are good at that. And somehow, in our neglect of what totally matters, we have shied away from being decent to the animals. Animal in Latin means animus- the spirited wonder. And they are. We impale the better angles of our humanity on a stake when we do not treatment them with the great love and humor and gentleness they deserve.

You know it’s very easy to explain what madness is. It involves an absolutely horrific experiment, it is horrific and not pleasant in any way. But it does drive home an important point. There was a mad science department in a university somewhere and they filled a room full of rats. They tried to see how many rats they could get in one room. They packed them in and then they packed them in some more and do you know one they observed rat mothers who had just given birth to their babies, well, they were so panicked and so mad and so horrifically appalled at the conditions of their life they were giving birth to that they, for whatever reason, ate the babies. That is not a feature of nature. Only man’s frightened one.

He doesn’t have to be. We find, when we are less concerned with concern, more fitted to what’s right, what is decent, what is truly courageous, to go beyond relax and stress, attack and defend, true courage it takes, then one sees what a man is.

There is no waste in nature. But man is wasteful. Yet only because he has not most determinedly attended to his insecurity.

Every man is a king of men. Every single one. When seen in the right light. He has incredible faculties. When nurtured wisely.

The most noble capacity I have encountered is the decency not to procrastinate or put things off. When you don’t do that, when you don’t man yourself to face your nature and cherish it and others, then you dull down who you are. It took me a long time to see it but when you see it is clarified: life is ever expansive. To discover that you must do only two things: be thoroughly decent and don’t complain. Find the way.

But you get nowhere without trust. And when you have walked the line of trust in a one pointed fashion all the way, then it is no longer an effort, the illusion was that it took effort. The illusion is framed and you see it took effort to block oneself of discovering with enthusiasm, ones potential beyond the sighs and the clinging to our scared pain mechanisms. Then evolution is. Evolution is.

We all impact by our virtuous conduct. Or our lack of it. The very behavioral biology of animals changes, gets more settled and collected and laxed, when man does not run from his true nature

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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