When we are lucky

Occasionally, if you are lucky, you meet a human being who is so thoroughly honest and dignified, their very presence inspires a new and honed depth in the mirror of ones fine character. Alone, they inspired a clarified decency that you cannot distill nor negate. And your friendship is not a small affair. It impacts profoundly.

And when you have the most thorough trajectory of your convictions and when you are so dedicated to truth, then ages of misunderstanding and confusion can be cleaned away like a cloth on dust on a mantle.

And it is through the auspices of such a friendship, a real friendship, one without any insecurity whatsoever in it, absolutely not one specter of mistrust, but the governance of total trust and full kindness and gentleness only; it is through such great love and beauty, and those things after all are the most clarified and supported navigated content of a truely deep friendship, one without any bruised or petty or immature ego in it – it is through our perseverance in such things then, that there is the opportunity for someone to voice a truth that no man has heard before.

Not a made up truth. But one that is certain to be a catalyst to a world without defenses. A world of unfathomable gratitude and grace and a world of rightly tended possibilities; one that has moved away from all flaring stories of ashamed exclusivity born of angry pride – of fools in sinking ship who do not understand nature deeply enough. Or care to thoroughly look into it.

Such a world comes about naturally and effortlessly when men of pure heart are engaged in the business of understanding fundamental particle physics and the chemistry of nature. Cleansed of all confusion and erroneous conclusions in the company of the eye of a very great naturalist, man does find himself related to a grandeur; he cognizes himself to be an extension of a grandeur. One which is very splendid and all and lax. And absolutely supporting of nature and human life.

And in the spectered mirror that is the fulfulling familiarity that is the nature of nature – it is recognized that we got the first 3 laws of thermodynamics wrong. Or, at least, we failed to clarify the deeper context of them and connect that with the profound significance of the double split experiment. And the deliberations and clarifications that go with this discussion around these discoveries are very very very good news, for man, for nature and a truly important moment in our friendship with evolution.

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    Wise words
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    Staggering dude! Another saved for reread, thank you! ⚓❤

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