Stillness and hidden symmetries

When one is very quiet inside one is capable of seeing certain symmetry.

At the heart of that with a “very big thud” of gravitational leveled levity – a deep appreciation for the 2nd sutra of the first chapter of the yoga sutras is coiled and dynamic and constant and clarified as the very robust heart of our humanity. It is the most succinct statement of wisdom in any language. Ever.

When clarified into its rightful contractual context of the mind of man – that phrase is simply unparalleled.

The sympathetic depths it can transport one to. Well, they are just superlative. The doors it opens in the natural sciences are genuinely important and extremely extraordinary.

It is a statement about the nature of nature, about the mind of the mind. About the nature creative activity. That beyond our horded belief in deception and distraction, with clarified determination, one is introduced to the absolute fact that there is no chaos.

Only unity.

One almost might say it is one of mankind’s greatest jewels. If not the greatest jewel. When used wisely and with the right leverage it is a lens that one can use to focus on what matters. And it works. It works very well.

But, only when one is quiet enough inside.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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