Robert A Johnson – He, She We.

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By Robert A Johnson – he is one of America’s greatest men. Ever. He looked into the nature of the two genders and he observed what romantic love is. He broke it down quite brilliantly. When one really integrates most fully what he points at one has clarified the mother and father wounds in ourselves.

It is an extraordinary gift to humanity what he gave us. It must not be undermined. He makes some errors but that’s only because he did not fully unpack sexuality. But to be liberated of emotional pain and to understand the nature of the sexes his books are most certainly a great boon to mankind.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Flo Furtek commented :
    I have She
    Will ordered He and We

    Nathan Curry commented :
    And his books:
    The Multiorgasmic Man
    The Multiorgasmic Woman
    The Multiorgasmic Couple.

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