Nature is full of Grandeur

Nature is truly important and rich and fertile and full of grandeur. You are a child of this glorious earth. You are its children. There is grandeur in you, in every man, in every woman and child. It’s quite effortless to see. Quite simply clear as day. Elemental. Do you hear me? Every single man woman and child. Every single one. Good, it is settled then. In you.

Beyond our insecure fretting, worried, attacking and defending busy minds, there is a natural state of order. Just watch the bee. No hurry in it. And everything gets done. We are the human bee. When we learn to be still inside and listen to our pragmatism, our dynamism and our humanism.

That grandeur is In every atom, in every plume of gas, in every plant and bird and bee, in every eukaryote and in every bacteria and in every species of archaea – the three domains of organic life. The painful bacteria just man-ifested because man was afraid of his grandeur.

There is a saying in psychology that trauma is a gift. When we have pained experiences the invitation is there to look into the eye of the nature of our nature and discern most fully, and absolutely totally and clearly discriminate what is actually going on.

Whenever we project cynicism, disdain and disgrace onto another we merely affirm our own unhealed self-loathing that is pushed out. When we drop that activity a different life and a different world is clarified. Then we can come to know what hydrogen is. And who we are too. “There is only one man in the world and his name is All men.” Carl Sandburg, poet.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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