Month: September 2021


I like where I live. There are brown people and white people and black people and everything and everyone in between. Krishna and Christ have, essentially the same root. One teaches not to be attached to the fruit of ones endeavors and maps out a story of meaning on a battlefield. The other surrenders to …

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Sustainability as another worthy form of magic, also.

There is no question that generations from now our descendants will sail out into new solar systems. That evolution is natural and clear from what has gone before. As Arthur C Clarke said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Technology though, as such, is not our problem. A poor workman blames his tools. …

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High Rises

People live on only 1 or 2 floors of a large apartment building which is our minds, forgetting the rest. In ordinary life, we can get stuck in a single story, a story that is worn and cramped, living on just 1 level of a many-storied house that could be palace of possibility~ Carl Jung