Impoverished banks

I sense the history books can look on this snippet of what the rules once were in banking in America.

The well to do get all the breaks.

And we call that a democracy.

Jokes apart:

That’s not a joke. It’s willful ignorance and complacency and not a shred of integrity, nor deeper interest in the laws of nature and the clarity that looking into the eye of the nature of nature brings.

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1 thought on “Impoverished banks”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Dave Hale commented :
    They pay more for utilities by being forced or inheriting prepayment meters. My gas / elec dropped by 30% simply removing the prepayment meter, yet they are peddled as ‘to help them manage their budgets’
    I doubt there would be so many landlords if their rent was less than the mortgage and costs, so pay more for a roof to sleep under.
    Pay more for insurances etc (equal credit ratings) simply because their credit report is in a ‘poor’ postcode. You’d have to burgle houses in my area probably 10+ times to net as much from 1 in Calday. And no my neighbours have not been burgled 10 times more… not once in 6 years has anyone local been burgled.
    A 20 story block of flats pay 20 x surface water drainage charges despite the fact they share their footprint and often not much difference in it to a single home in other areas.
    Of course they should have worked harder at school!! So that they don’t get fleeced when they spend their entire working life working harder than the managers stood watching them. Having a job that needs you to think ‘harder’ does not mean you are working harder.

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