Anno Domini

Beta Citta Domini

Citta Domini

A, b, c.

It makes sense from a comparative mythos perspective.

Before Einstein Anno Domini

We thought time was a thing. Anno Domini.

Then after Einstein we see and know space-time.

Then, now, we may, go deeper and so recognize that space-time is chartered and navigated by consciousness.

We might say beta Citta Domini refers to this.

At its essence Citta means in Sanskrit:

The deepest mind of the mind. Where emergent evolution emergently evolves.

Yogash Citta vrtti nirodaha

It the second sutra of the first chapter of the yoga sutras. It is the deepest statement ever written in any language. That is my conviction.

It is an actual statement about the very essence of the nature of nature. It is a descriptions for right living and it’s a presentation of a prescription for a state of mind that is liberated of defense and attack and and all the violence of fostering or projecting victimhood . So not hindered by wasted energy.

And so the dominance of that aspect of the mind makes sense as a pivot for all emergent evolution.

Nature is constant and gentle surrectiion. Even when a tiger kills he does so in the fastest most clean way possible. Man can farm with wise managemt, farm and hone his life giving gifts, and the land and the sea.

Without being a brute. Being sensitive and sponsoring, fostering, developing trust. And sustainablity. Dynamic, practical humanistic creative natural newable sustainability.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

1 thought on “AD – BCD – CD”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    When we think about what happened nostrum Domini , thoughts traverse paradigms that can most definitely affect how anno Dominicus play’s as future traversties

    Nathan Curry commented :
    When fully present – they don’t follow as the night the day. You are still very much making spelling errors and confusing things Matthew. Can you be attentive enough to go beyond that? Vanity and pride and loneliness must go first? What blocks you from honoring and being honored by a woman? How about the mother of your children? Or are you jet fuel packed up on excuses to avoid what really matters in terms of sorting yourself out?

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