The meaning of Asana

The word asana in Sanskrit means to sit.

To sit flexibly and in a lax manner.

Implied in it is the sense of flexibility and agility but total absolute focused rest.
























Activity and passivity but no conflict.

Husbandry of ourselves and sane affection for each other and our creative and actual children


-Of the animals

-of the plants

-of the most evolved evolution of our understanding of ecology and the economics that ecosystems foster

Of our very keen gifts and our humility and our temperance, and above all, above all, above all

our collective humanity.

Such husbandry – attentive to the nature of plants and ecology and natural law and soul and soil and animals. Soul means animated. Spirited. Alive. Such husbandry can turn this planet around. Just by being clarified and concise and to the point. About what matters.

The correctly wired use of the word fantastic comes from the Ancient Greek. It means the empowered man, woman and creative child. It is eminently practical, dynamic and sanely humanistic.

Many things are given by just sitting still inwardly.

That’s the irony


Take away the “re”

And you have sistance

That means to sit. To to sit still and appreciate the wonder of nature.

Then you can penetrate the mind of the mind, the nature of nature, the evolution of evolution.

Just to sit still and settle down and clarify what we actually know.

About human relationships

About nature

About culture

About wisdom

About ecology

About Nikola Tesla and photosynthesis and biophysics and biochemistry.

And wise management.

Holistic activity at every level of being

And when, we pause and enter such a state, not a relaxed state – not getting stressed and then relaxing but actually living what yoga is and being attentive to the original meaning of that word – Union. Not re-Union. Not dislocated and disconnected and reborn and resurrected with countless meaningless insurrections and mad movements to rebirth and rehash ignorance and complacency.

Union means surrection, gentle upheaval. You never get punched by a tree. Nature is constant upheaval. Drop an egg on the floor and ants come to feast. Nature is not chaotic. It is distinctly and distinguishedly ordered and august.

August means impressive. And when you are quiet enough inside – not rushing around being busy and preoccupied but quiet and still and you see the specter of it, it is august, it is splendid, it is impressive. But not in an alarming way. In a very natural and beautiful and elegant way.

And all you have to do to learn this – the only thing you have to do is tend a garden.

And tend the garden in your mind.

And then you outgrow teachers, you become your own teacher. But you seek out the best until you can be that person. And you remain humble and you tend but don’t overwhelm or overturn or overturn, those you tend, yourself included.

Then you won’t need a doctor. You become your own doctor. You eat healthy food. You honor the animals. You build pig farms where the pigs live joyous lives and die happy.

And you start there and you do it on every pig farm and you apply that kind of heart to your thinking across the board. And not rethinking but thinking everything through. Generatively. Embracing newness. You invest in Newables.

Technology that is not corrosive. That is naturally corrosive. We can do it. We know enough about material science. And you apply that to the whole and you are willing to witness the wisdom in the American poet Carl Sandburg’s line:

“There is only one man in the world and his name is all men.”

Then you might be qualified to call yourself a thoroughly earnest, decent, light hearted, kind, trusting, wise human being.

And you would be an utter fool not to.

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1 thought on “The meaning of Asana”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Nathan Curry commented :
    And then you penetrate the stillness deeper still and you come to see man is good. Man has that capacity: To be decent and confirmed and defiant in his trusting of one another. Because he quite simply knows himself and his rightful balanced happy connected distinctly clarified place in nature. A very creative place indeed.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Because then you will be, you can be, you actually are a distinctly distinguished and intelligent and reasonable and imaginative and completely and thoroughly decent happy balanced sane environmentally aware human being.
    A creative practical dynamic humanistic person.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    After the sitting still I have come to the end and found no stillness. Creativity is raging, wildly non sensible, meaning beyond the “five” human senses. You know you are not a human body when you see the tree lives with its head in the sand. The pigeons sing tremendous symphonies. The rain falls up to the sky as the forests pee.
    The inspiration is You. The wolf is the caretaker of the animals of the forest. Humanity is permitted to be the caretaker of the wolf, the bear, the elephant, the dolphin, the eagle, and the forests. Having taken away the earth’s forests the rain is coming from the sea and it is not in humanity’s caretakers role. The change is eminent. Forests in the ocean are already there. The pollution must stop or the forests there are going to disappear, for a long time. Reawakening is better than sleeping but of course being awake is better.
    Still is not reality. And in a world of change, change it must. Humanity is at a threshold, change it must.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Just don’t settle for second best. Be it.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    And for goodness sake laugh more. Not mean hard sarcastic laughter. Kind tender laughter. Life is infinitely rich and fun.
    When we pause.
    We pause. Really really really pause.
    We come to see it.
    And know it.
    And be it.
    A man, practical, sharp, collected, wisely attentive, disciplined but not in a stressful way, a sane way, a vastly intelligent and influentially manipulatively kindly specific and tender and gracious and gentle but empowered way.
    A Wah!man – that Wah! was the original meaning of the word – Wah! The dynamic incubator and bringer of life and tenderness and wisdom and kindness and temperance and fun and music. And brilliance. And there children. Both creative and actual. That is the family of man.
    We are wise to have faith and dedication devotion and earnest clarified fond attention to that family.
    It is our own.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    There is no waste in nature.
    And not a single weed.
    Not a single one.
    They all evolve as part of a symphony. Nature really is like a symphony. The folly has been that man didn’t listen fully to it and take enough quiet time to witness its quite peaceful beauty. Its essence. Its abundance. It pleasant harmony.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    There is a symmetry. It is quiet elegant when you own it and penetrate it and nurtured it. It is seen. It is witnessed. It is clarified. It is supported by verified evidence. It does compute. It works. It is aligned.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    It is gracious and glorious and fully real and totally creative and loving and structured. And bright. And luminous. And caring and cared for.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Be helpful but not worried. Be attentive but not concerned.
    Find out how to trust.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Be authentic and vulnerable but strong and gentle. Intuitive. Using the heart, the mind, all the faculties, a leathe supple flexible healthy body.
    Then you find you are wholly content and necessary and grateful and nurturing and grounded. With no allowance for haste.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Be judicious but not unkind. Learn fully how to discern and discriminate and honor yourself and each other and nature with a waxed fully lax dynamic creative precise and practical heart and mind and every fiber and sinew of your nature and you being and your targeted focus…
    Then you reveal yourself to yourself.
    You know yourself.

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