Inner Quiet

When you are quiet inside, when defense and attack have ended in you, and if your heart is pure and you fully dedicate yourself to being a wholehearted human being then you are granted a vision of reality and of this glorious earth that is truly sublime.

When you see it – when you look fully into the eye of the mind of the mind, into the nature of nature, into the evolution of evolution, then in that utter utter utter clarity you witness something simply spectacular, you comprehend, you clarify that there is a way of living in symbiosis with nature and with our own nature, that has no waste in it, no aggression in it, and no fear. One sees that man is the only frightened creature in all of creation.

That there is no need for that fear.

That nature has one abiding law:

torrential abundance.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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