A bee is never in a hurry

You never see a bee in a hurry.

We say “busy bee.”

And they are busy in the sane sense.

Most humans are unaware of who they are and race around like blind muppets. The busier you are in the “blind muppet sense” the lazier you are.

True productivity has an elegance and grace to it. It has nothing superfluous nor anything superficial. It is just what it is – ficial – that means what something is in its essence, what it is on the surface, what its face value is.

No more no less.

There is never any haste in what is emergent in nature. Nor in what is wise and happy in man. There is no laziness either. But one is totally absolutely completely committed to being lax. The root meaning of lax is:




The earlier root is:

To be slack.

If we learnt to be this way – as a state of being – the madness of re-laxation would end. I use the conditional tense as I recognize where my audience think they are. I know where they really are capable of being because I have prioritized that on every level of my being.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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