But for goodness sake do not make the same mistake humanity has done for millennia – put it through the engine of tumos and Sophia (Srddha in Sanskrit) to activate logos to avoid all tumors and concile virtue. Then Grace is.

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    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Hello Nathan Curry. You are communicating, and I am reading the symbols but the symbols include those which I, as Henry, am not familiar with.
    tumos =? logos=?
    srdd =?
    The danger in asking questions is that the answer answers. Humanity has allowed the one real feeling to be buried deeper and deeper in their mind. Now they are in a upheaval and the Help arrived to bring them back into aligning themselves with the one feeling. The confusion is that they value garbage and don’t know what it is. The flush toilet seems like a great idea in the city. But their beggers or slaves work in their garbage dumps.
    The recycling has started. It needs to be quickened and taken over its first threshold. Yes inspiration. Germany is one of the few countries that has a national holiday to celebrate the idea of the Pentecost, which is ” In Spirited “. Love does that.
    Humanity has taught itself to be the dominant one in their place in Nature. The feel of love for Nature has been buried. In infertile grounds. Love can sow seeds but seeds are never just garbage or the cause of destruction, decay or death. The Mind needs no healing but the mind does. The very word garbage is a hint to when the love got buried and why. The new economy has no garbage and the word disappears into the history of English language, my guess is 107 years.
    Give what you know you have, because you know it increases and is not lost. Accept what you feel you need, but recognize that you are being given from the unlimited Source. Amen

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