Reversing Fear

It takes one man with the total conviction, the unwavering dedication to determination and the abundant humility to constantly laugh at his folly so as to be liberated of ego, to see through to what matters.

You hear me? Just one. Only one. One. That suffices. It is enough.

If one man can do that, everyone can. When one man does that, everyone must. Not because they have to but because they would be fools not to.

We are set to hire quite a number of people at sutranovum. I am in no haste. I do have total urgency. There are several people, specialists in their field, in fermentation, in composting, in material science, in biophysics and biochemistry, in project management, in ecology, in economics, and in architecture, in city planning and design, in biodynamic farming and permaculture, in fashion and the arts and in animation and engineering and many many other fields that I have already earmarked in my mind to reach out to.

They are not ordinary people. Truth be told, there are no ordinary people. Not when one knows who one is at one’s core. Those individuals I speak of have that glint in the eye that sparks fires and those fires, in the right hands can take a deserted pained world and make it thrive and bloom again.

That is where we start. That is where we live in the realized clarity of that objective. Such individuals have dedicated themselves to a wholly satisfactory focus and purpose – the excavation of their gifts. That is a worthy cause. One we fully embody, embellish and support. Indeed, we would be utter fools not to.

The work we do is humble work. But it has, implied in it is capable reach, a whole new world. A wise friend once told me that when taking to the road of a new journey treat it like a wise mother treats her pregnancy, embrace and honor every step of the way. Bring no haste to that emergent beauty, joy, the very miracle of living that is all ours for the taking – when the quiet mind engages with the most passionate of passionate hearts.

I was granted insights that no man before me was gifted. I stood on the shoulders of giants. I fully intend to make it count. This is the only way one can learn of the ineffable beauty that is life. It guides. We listen. Dialogue, the right quality of it, is a living thing too.

“In the Verse

There was a time

That I put into a rhyme

The sensations of when you and I

Gazed together into the wonders of the sky

As it was there that we felt a feeling

That above us was no ceiling

Where in that moment we got so lost in it all

Into a vastness that made all else feel so very small

There we felt at one

With each other and the moon the stars and the sun

Where we became engulfed by that of which led to each word of the verse

As lovers gazing into an endless universe.”

.⁀⋱‿. Roman Garreis .⁀⋱‿.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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    Lovely thoughts in the middle of a cacophony of sounds do idiots make.

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