There are foolish folks who consider unconditional love wise.

I do not. A man does not just sit outside a field and unconditionally and unconsciously love it.

He puts his back into and extends himself and so his gifts are pulled out of him. The irrigation of a mind or a farm or a marriage is no different.

To leverage the fulcrum of wisdom the right and precise activity is needed. The right conditions for the garden to bloom are needed to be levied – otherwise we commit the ultimate heresy of not being fully subsumed to fearful impulses.


Inner quality


For all

Comes down to everyone of us rising to the dignity of the fullness of our being.

Anything else is a sham and will elicit constant pain and the need for mad support – the ultimate “justified” toxicity.

We are better than that.

Far, far, far better than that. Incomparably so in fact.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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