A healed mind in society

You know I don’t see a place for psychologists or psychiatrists or coaches or counselors or doctors in the future. I do see a place for gardening and affluence.

I mean the only really really good line ever in a Star Trek movie was when the doctor traveled back in time and saw medicine as it used to be. He says something like: “Man, so primitive.” There was no such thing as an emergency room for millenia on this earth. Then headless chicken man turned up.

Our meditation on medicine is a joke. For the most part. Tesla was awake to this. He saw the symmetry in nature. That’s why he wrote:

Birds do not fly they are flown

Fish do not swim – they are swam.

I connected the 2nd sutra of the 1st chapter of the yoga sutras with the logos he was awake too.

That changes everything.


It’s the end of coaches, psychotherapists, medicine and emergency services.

When you take Tesla’s logos and you apply it to what matters you encounter this statement (I clarified it)

Viruses do not hijack – they are highjacked.

The second sutra of the 1st chapter of the yoga sutras says:

Yogas Citta Vritti Nirodha:

The state of wisdom in man (yoga)

Notice it does not say: endless coaches are needed or psychologists or counselors or doctors.

It says

The state of wisdom in man

Is born of

The alignment of the

Citta – deep mind – (where we get the words

Cited, citadel, city, civilization – from).

Through the activity of nature’s aspects –

Vrtti – where we get the words – virtual, vertical, virus from.

And that activity walks the line of nature’s experience into form. It has a constant direction based on what informs it.

In other words:

How we perceive shapes reality.

So why the hell would we create a culture invested in psychosomatic mechanics (doctors, emergency rooms, coaches, counselors, priests, police, blah blah, blah) when alll our problems come down to our psyche and our very poise as a creature in nature being hijacked by fear. Why not just see into what a sane fearless human individual is and treat the land and nature properly and one another? One would have to ge an utter utter fool not to.

Few people know him, but around the time of Sigmund Freud there was a man who I have found no equal to in history. He was a real doctor. His name was Georg Groddeck. He was light years ahead of any doctor today.

If you broke your leg or had a skin condition- you would go to his clinic and he would give you a massage (in the brown leg’s case, sure after getting it set in a cast etc) and he would give you a massage and a long infrared sauna and then he would essentially ask:

“Why are you so busy that you run around like a headless chicken – what are you doing so blindly?”

I saw into it once when I rollerbladed into a truck while I was going down a steep hill. I broke my knee as I hit the hubcap and my mind was pulled like a mouse to peanut butter to his work.

I didn’t feel supported in the very high level IT work I was doing and there were a number of things that were off.

The news and the mad doctors do actually have Covid all wrong. To understand that you have to understand what the Gaia principle of James Lovelock actually is and you absolutely and categorically must understand the 2nd sutra of the yoga sutras. And when you do you come to a deep respect for Rudolph Steiner. Steiner said one of the most beautiful things. A great truth. He said that bird song awakens sleeping seeds in the earth.

If you hear that you are silenced. You have a sense of awe and awakened urgency. You see the difference between a doctor and a sage.

Our species name is

Homo sapiens sapiens

I changed it – wisely – to

Homo sapiens fabula

We get the word sage from sapiens.

*sapius, from Latin sapere “have a taste, have good taste, be wise,

To have good taste means to know oneself.

To be honest about ones gifts and ones aligned interests.

We get sick, nature gets sick, we need sleeping counselors that prod us with test tubes, to speak to us of ourselves, and vrttis get hijacked when we violate the laws of nature.

And that’s just dumb.

Nature is our home.

We came out of it.

We are its child.

To attack ones mother is not sage like.

To end that process is to meet a real doctor.

And a real doctor is a master of animal and plant husbandry. And they know oneself and the ineffable abundance of nature and they tend to it without the violence (enacted upon oneself) of unconscious activity.

Carl Sandburg wrote:

There is only one man in the world and his name is “all men.”

There’s only one emperor too. He also is called “all men.”

His tailor just arrived and gave him his new clothes.

Emperor has the following root:

Middle English (especially representing the title given to the head of the Roman Empire): from Old French emperere, from Latin imperator ‘military commander’, from imperare ‘to command’, from in- ‘towards’ + parare ‘prepare, contrive’.

What do your vrttis prepare and contrive for?


The civilization that follows depends on your answer.

This is the chorus of a song about a famous artist from Liverpool, England who painted matchstick men and women (songwriter’s Brian Burke / Michael Coleman). Lowry’s art managed to capture the strange mechanical madness of the Industrial Age – wherein everyone was as if a fabricated human – like a match stick. The onslaught of technology through the lens of logic rather than Tumos and logos had created a world that quickly lead to the 1st and 2nd world wars. Because no one had the intelligence to question what a vrtti was.

“And he left us matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs

He left us kids on the corner of the street that were sparking clogs

Now he takes his brush and he waits

Outside them pearly gates

To paint his matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs”

What do your vrttis prepare and contrive for?


The civilization that follows depends on your answer.

Are you committed to a version of you that is a factoried version of some fools take on your humanity?

Or do you have the mettle of a real human being!

One who has the gravity of dignity to see the stories world we paint matters.

And it matters one hell of a lot.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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