When one has become attentive…

When one has witnessed the incredible fervor of nature.

A level of insight opens that is constant.

One sees into the eye of the nature of nature.

One sees into the symmetry of the great great great sublime sympathy that is there directed and clear at the very heart of hearts in nature.

It is a sublime symmetry. It accords one, it affords all the clarity, that there is no lack.

That this world, when vanity, pride, wrath, envy, insecurity, fear, gluttony, lust, sloth – when these things are dropped, wisdom thrives and flourishes. Efficiency and effectiveness and flow replace these delusions.

Sanity, pragmatism, beauty, security, dynamism, humanism, kindness, gentlest gentleness, and total conviction and strength remain.

These things remain.

And the illusions of scarcity, lack and religion are dropped.

A straight steadfast line – remains.

You walk it.

Involuted madness and revolutionary madness scatter to the 4 directions and beyond.

The evolution of evolution persists.

What is generative reveals itself within and without. The hologram is pierced.


© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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