Husband, ecology, economy, logos

There are 4 words in Sanskrit.

And one in Greek.

I penetrated their most profound depths last night.

On Thursday I figure out the rest.

I have to do a little more research.

But, suffice to say, what hides behind this profound discovery…is a very happy world ahead.

When I met Tara Singh I scoured his books. I mean I listened to every lecture, read every book….then, in one sentence of his, I found the clue.

He wrote:

“We know so little of the contours of the landscape of fulfillment.”

That was the sentence. It opened the door. To the five words above.

Did you know the word ‘book’ means the seed of the beech tree.

The beech tree means the edible oak.

That’s logos. The living mind of life. It can explain anything.

But you need a key. To turn on the engine.

The key doesn’t work mechanically. It must be inspired by the most dynamic thing. The object of its love. This may seem abstract. It is not. It is the most tractable thing. Tractable means malleable. Malleable means you can mold something through the hammered precision of your hands. Logos – Manos – Technos

But none of that works without Tumos. That is the only key that can work without turbulence or confusion. It demands one thing only: a totally pure heart – and the derivation of that, the most difficult thing on the earth and in all the heavens – yet the only thing that is meaningful – total absolute unequivocal trust.

Tumos means the longing of life itself

Life longs for one thing.

One thing in every moment.


Tara Singh gave, my very wonderful friend – he, extended a clue. He wrote in a book – a living tree –

“We know so little of the “ways of fulfillment.”


If you know so little – you start with what you know. What you know you know you do truly and utterly, indeed, do actually, know. So you fully occupy that space – Joseph Campbell used – Sat chit ananada – as the way in – WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS – preferences -that’s your wiring – the bliss that opens all the other doors – follow that – only that.

Then you fully inhabit that. It expands. This is the secret of he who gardens

– be it the soils of the sea or the earth or the sky or whomever you were invoked into form, inoculated for and once that is clarified – incubation follows – beyond that – the cycle of propagation and back to the former three stages – this is repeating in the evolution of evolution).

He who attends to the animals (which are the fodder of plants -)

Follow the seat of the word plant

That which is an algae

That which is seeded as a weed

A weed is tobacco

Tobacco is:

the herbe a tous les maux, the plant against evil, pains and other bad things.

Discovers what is animated – what is animated manages what is underneath – it is the meta to all – what is underneath is hummus – the ground of being -the soils, waters, airs and fires of creation – manage those wisely – and you end doctors, armies, and police. What is emergent replaces the misuse of “emergency.” This is sane surrection. The end of psychological inflation. And, hence, insecurity.

Animals and plants – they know such a man – this is true of the Archeae and the Bacteria/Viruses – they are just extensions of what the yogis call the Vrttis – and they shift their pole star in his company – mimic him and all shift.. They love him because he only has love for them. The Ancient Greeks fashioned a name for him: Husband (one cannot disconnect it from Economy, ecology or logos. One cannot). The root name is Bua. He who dwells.

To understand the mathematics of this profound field of creative cultivation – go to Africa and study the game of Bao. Then you can see the mechanism of the mind that has outgrown the insecure need for doctors and the belief in scarcity.

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    Wonderful – gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.
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    David Forsyth it’s one of those moments in human history. We need a chorus of goats and several good elephants 🐘 😉

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