1 thought on “Post 325”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Dave Hale commented :
    A new pet! cool
    Nathan Curry commented :
    If you love animals you can never be sad. Never.
    David Forsyth commented :
    Or gardening 🌻
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Forsyth 😉 !

    David Forsyth commented :
    Way cute!
    Nathan Curry commented :
    This is the end.
    Plein Air 001 (Entropy, Terror, and the Sublime within a Cyberspace Landscape)
    Nathan Curry commented :

    The End
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Every day break I wake up to the most beautiful songs ,we are all of nature’s children 🎯
    Shweta Gondi commented :
    Priceless…. I loove crows
    Nathan Curry commented :
    It’s a raven.

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