What would you stand for?

Why don’t you congratulate yourself for actually doing something – not evading what is obviously vacuous, self-centered and totally destructive to the refined spirit of man.

But actually doing something the sons and daughters of your longing would be proud of.

Instead of standing on ceremony all your life.

This is not a dress rehearsal to show off your lack of dedication to truth.

Not one bit.

It matters.

You matter.

Your children matter.

Nature matters.

Life matters.

Act like you mean to fully embrace and embody these truths.

Do not give shallow lip service to your sanity – embrace it again and again to the very root of its roots.

For the sake of the wombat.

And for the love of yourself

and the vast sublime


it claims

as its own.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

1 thought on “What would you stand for?”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Em Dee commented :
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Em Dee then act like it. Mere words are hollow.

    Ted Wrigley commented :
    I have watched snippets over the years…
    I get the feeling that despite all this wealth and fame they are really bored , at least few of them .. check it.. tell me I’m wrong…
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Ted Wrigley they are human beings and so valuable like all human beings. Just their incredible ego vanity, ego pride and immense insecurity is incapable of seeing the miracle of the bee. Until they stop inside it is impossible and haste and reactive madness (insurrection and resurrection) rule the mind.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Once this is seen: a gentle surrectiion of what matters most reveals itself to be the new normal.
    Carmela Severino commented :
    Me too!
    Carmela Severino commented :
    Not even the commercials!
    Anusha Jay commented :
    Same here, but I didn’t know it’s an anniversary either. No TV at home. 😛
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Anusha Jay how about the brainwashing inside your head beyond the TV nation?
    Have you attended to that?
    The mental attacks on others within?
    Angie Coleman commented :
    …. me too!! 😃

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