Phytobiology Research

I’m looking for someone very well versed in phytobiology – Warwick university in the UK may be helpful/ the best. Certain PhDs in plant engineering can help. Also anyone who has researched the relationships between salts and acids. And what photovoltaics has in common with photosynthesis. I found one paper in Istanbul which has two copies on the planet in the library system. I need to read that paper and anything related to that work.

And whoever is the best mind of Ancient Greek language and whomsoever is doing the most cutting edge research into the 3rd law of thermodynamics.

I can get so far with the research work – which I am reading rapidly. But yes I need to consult people in those realms above. As soon as humanly possible. #research

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Yuna Wu commented :
    Exciting!! Maybe your research will be able to explain this phenomenon:
    It would be amazing to make fertilizers from salt water instead of the pollutants we make now 🙂

    ORMUS Plants

    Nathan Curry replied :
    Yuna Wu I found the key to the puzzle in a most unexpected place – pure math.
    The key just needs to find the lock. The lock is somewhere in where I fastidiously go roaming now.

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