The Essence of Wisdom in Evolution

My yoga teacher coined a phrase – the yoga of yoga. I think of it as the nature of nature. What drives the mind that manifests reality? It is a curious contemplation. It is the very engine of man’s capacity to die to his yesterday and rise to new heights.

It applies to the indivisible and the species.

Many times we see in our modern time, quotes that miss out on the nuances of nature. But the devil is in the details. Nuances matter.

Saudi Arabia and Malaysia and Brunei hit oil. And lots of it. Afghanistan did not. Yet all we impacted by the historical significance of Islam and its laws.

In one century Saudi Arabia has migrated from a 7th century culture to a 20th Century one.

Wars tend to be expensive. Wars of attrition especially so. For the Western Allies that became clear after two decades of badly managed ops.

My mentor said to me that the West was very good at invading but less well versed in uplifting the economy of the invaded culture. That’s insecurity and its child greed for you, aka imperialism.

The British left India, a country that had profoundly benefited their economy for more than a century, in 28 days. Millions died because of that recklessness.

Now we pound Afghanistan and its warlords for two decades and leave like the winds across the Sahara. A dry heat remains.

The Taliban are the product of centuries of attack.

We can lament the leaving of the imperial forces and some of the benefits they bring. That is a strong argument and understandable.

Yet, is any people happy under the jurisdiction of an occupying force?

The question now should be:

How do we support better irrigation in Afghanistan?

Yes, education is important. But of all the people in the Peace Corps that I have met, it is the irrigation scientists that made the most significant benefits.

To understand irrigation one must understand plants. In Old German “heaven,” means the place of clouds. Clouds bring the rain.

Tyranny is the child of the death of a deeper understanding of ecology and nature and economical empowerment. Evolution is born of the recognition of this.

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