The End of a need for a zoo

I am really really really looking forward to a world that has no need for a zoo. Even one of the ilk of Gerald Durrell’s in Guernsey. Actually, even though that kind of zoo is the only and best kind. To see the need for it gone. Well. that is a singular delight. A worthy goal for sure! And an easy one when the mind is fully focused on the preservation of the dignity of man.

If centered on that, and that alone, it is possible. No, if that be the focus, and the focus is fully adhered to, with a devoted heart and the most discerning and discriminating of minds – it is not only impossible that it won’t happen, it is is totally and irreconcilably inevitable – but then, I repeat myself, they are the same thing. And both describe our only, and our fully indisputably clarified dignity.

To say it is impossible is not to try. And that is simply inexcusable. Next you drop the try. You do it. And you never look back. That is dignity. Nothing else. To me it is done. Now. Here. Because I ardently desire it. I would be utterly reprehensible and diabolical if I did not. But I don’t. So it is sealed. It is valid.

Relevant Reference:

Zoo – (from the etymology dictionary):

Slang meaning “crowded and chaotic place” first recorded 1935.

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