Economies of Security

When you figure out a way to reverse expenditure on weapons and sitting around waiting to attach oneself to the levy of attack. Levy means to impose. And you one does impose attack on nature and the nature of nature when one sees it with scared and scarred eyes.

When you have figured that out most thoroughly, together with a procedure to generate energy never clarified before.

And you know how to farm, you know how to do management right, and we only learned how to do that a couple day ago – in the entire history of the race. Then, then, then, you have extraordinary large sums of money at your disposal.

The poet Robert Bly said of President Ronald Reagan that when he looked in his face he saw a man who had not processed the grief born of his father’s death.

He commented that upon seeing that he knew there was no chance he could balance the deficit. Bly overlooked the nature of nature in his commentary, seeing into the depths of the evolution of evolution.

The Tumos that drives Logos.

When you seat yourself squarely in that warm seat, that when is now.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Morality has been fiat based as has labours currency or mortgaged (gripped by death) morta guage Latin used to describe slavetude by financial commitment
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Yeah. Yeah

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