Big breakthroughs


“On the tree of knowledge a lot of research occurs at the level of leaves, somewhat constrained by the leaves surrounding them. When truly innovative scientists start questioning whether the three trunk holding all the leaves up is in the wrong position … peer-review can be problematic ….. because the leaves are all likely to perish. But this is where the big breakthroughs come from.”

But nope to this:

“The best and brightest scientists will still come from Universities, and the world needs them. Scientists should strive to be infallible without claiming to be (not claiming to be infallible, without striving to be)”Nicolas Malebranche 1638-1715).

Our education system sadly has lost its way. Contemptuously so. It has lost sight of what Logos is. How Tumos drives it.

To clarify those things you need people who fully understand how those things work.

Fortunately, intelligence is. Fortunately, not all get brainwashed by an education system that had lost its way. Fortunately, we can harness inner ears listen to what really matters. Everything else is distraction.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Still what is a mystery about water and yet what is known for its vessel to be able to contain what is intended intensions hold not what is known but what is believed

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