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    Matthew Davies commented :
    What should be made of this retoricle cunundrum? 🧐
    Nathan Curry commented :
    It is quite simple. If you understand Pythagaros. It is the meeting point of the 3 and the 5. In terms of historical significance – it is the meeting point of Essence and completeness beyond the insecure mind (symbolically and actually). Referencing the numerology buried in the insistence of it.: today is, I don’t know you could put it any other way – today is the advent of the evolution of Parmenides. He is the only man in the Ancient world who could possibly do what he did. An utterly extraordinary man. With phenomenal foresight and capacity.
    Neil McGregor commented :
    Nathan Curry , may we all assume your first of several weeks denoting the fall of A Course In Miracles from grace in the Atonement begins on May 24th 2021 and ends on May 30th 2021? You know, just for the sake of accuracy in a dream.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Neil McGregor I mean if you were preoccupied with dying today, without having awoken to the ecstasy of the beauty of nature, I suppose one could dwell on such irrelevant things.
    However if you die inwardly now and you are not reborn in the mirror of an old pained story – but born awake in every active moment, then to waste one moment on sleeping and affirming the lingering sorrow of that depleted state by sporting dialogue about the shades of black on the eyelids discerned, as one snores painful snores, well, I guess your question would be better posed to one who has affirmed such priorities.
    But to me I cannot support such meditations Neil. To do so what be to assault you and myself.
    One of my favorite lines in a poem ever comes from a poem written by a man with colored skin in South Africa at the height of Apartheid.
    The poem has several lines that repeat a phrase.
    The crescendo is reached at the end and the beauty extolled is neither small nor verbose. The poem simply affirms all the things that apartheid could sanction and ends with the clarification of the one thing no ugly law or petty discussion/dispute may never ever do – it is, words to the effect, this:
    Oh no that is not something you can ever ever do,
    No, whatever you do, you can never ever ever stop me loving you.

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