Heaven – the place of clouds

Lincoln said: Rightness is provided with the instruments of safety by the heavens.

Did he fully understand the true grandeur of his comment?

That vista was squarely given to me.

Now I impart it with all my heart to you:

The root of the word Heaven in German:

It means the place of clouds.

God means that which you invoke.

There are no clouds on earth without vegetation.

Vegetation that took millennia of biological evolution to sustainably manifest. Through the profound and awesome nature of nature itself.

We have no deserts on earth when we farm wisely. Not one.

We have no pained famine, no drought. no madness when we think and feel and look and act with the utmost of clarity.

Such clarity is given to a still mind.

Drop the rest. Except those blocks. Drop them.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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