“There is only one man in the world and his name is all men.”

Carl Sandburg, American poet.

The word mission has its root explained here:

de Vaan traces to a PIE *m(e)ith- “to exchange, remove,” also source of Sanskrit methete, mimetha “to become hostile, quarrel,” Gothic in-maidjan “to change;” he writes, “From original ‘exchange’, the meaning developed to ‘give, bestow’ … and ‘let go, send’.”

You cannot not be on a mission. A mission is simply what your trajectory reveals about your confidences, or lack of them, with wisdom.

Either your philosophy is rooted, in complacency, ignorance, fear and general defiance of your deeper in born nature or it reflects your denial of that and the insecurity that matters.

Why does it matter?!

Because when not attended to it creates pain. All of it. All of our pain.

The finer faculties are not lost to he or she who assiduously, deliberately and determinedly confronts it with the warmth of their deepest sympathy and wisdom, with the wholeness of their heart and with the dedication of their most clarified aesthetic judgment.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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