The Evolution of Humanism

This is a sea horse. A highly sensitive and aware creature, perfectly fitted for its environment. I was shown a picture similar to this by Richard Dawkins, 29 years ago. He was interviewing me for the entrance interview to Oxford University – for the course on Evolutionary Biology, which is part of what Cambridge University calls the natural sciences tripos.

I thought he was the most advanced mind on the planet and so far, when it came to an understanding of evolution. I was mistaken. That person is me. It took me 29 years and a lifetime of inquiry to make sense of what the religions of the world and the scientists had failed to do. Until now

Dawkins did not give me the place. I would not settle for second best and so I dropped out. I had been refused at the gate of where I thought I want to go. It took me many patient focused years of study to understand the significance of the sea horse and the horse.

To see what Dawkins, Joseph Campbell, Einstein, Nehru, Lincoln, Goddard, Schucman, Prince (the singer), Leonard Cohen, Niiola Tesla, David Bohm, Charles Darwin, Charles Price, Rupert Sheldrake, Allan Savory, Georg Groddeck, Steve Gundry Timothy Dundon, and Tolkien missed.

Even Parmenides and Pythagoras and Empedocles too.

And, to boot, we foolishly kicked out the one thing that the Taoist and Tantrc traditions got right – the joy of lovemaking and the incredible engine it is for creative connection with the husband or wife that you love.

It took me a long time. But I have seen into it. And the world that leads on from here, well, it is profoundly beautiful, profoundly happy and exempt of all mad utopias and dystopias.

This American carnage, the global carnage, well, I say it is over. And it is. One cannot possibly justify a moment longer to argue against the winds that now blow in from the shore. They bring a new fresher breeze.

One that liberates us of all our totally unnecessary pain and brings us to the state of emergent surrection and sane relations hence forth.

The Greeks had a word for the family of man. That word is πολιτική – it means the family of man.

You do not exempt anyone from that family. Not a single one. Not one.

For all of creation, all of life, it is sacred. And man, the paragon of animals, he has parallels with the old story of the domestic goat. I say old because it has thoroughly ended now. It must. It has. We must be sane. We must collect ourselves and observe what actually

When the domesticated goat is harnessed to the plow of man’s insane greedy mind then we create deserts and pain in our wake.

Bug when man is attentive to the new story of the goat, he like, every animal, becomes a driver of a different landscape, when man treats nature with the very real reverence it inspires and deserves.

Allan Savory’s work has definitively demonstrated this. I have some secret sauce to add to his work. Together it can reverse all our industry, farming and fishery and mining practices. It can totally change the story of the race. From a thriving pained insensitive history to a happy jubilant caring one. Make the nature of nature your school and your church and you shall never be lacking nor disappointed.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Paul Livingstone Richard Edaem
    “Diving into the endless blue,
    I caught the last rays of sun
    Before the moon,
    Love she cornered me,
    Flaming haired and penniless broke,
    Dreams divided me until I woke.”
    From the song:
    Take me Hohm.
    By Nathan Curry

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