God means to “invoke.”

When you invoke (god means to invoke) the dedication to your art that is total and fully invested, the body, mind and the speech and every movement becomes imbued with beauty.

Your very conduct pleases the birds and the plants and brings the rains to earth because you have found your home in the garden of your mind and you have observed the laws of nature more closely than any gone before because you saw how beautiful and wise man is, not is capable of being, but actually is.

And you claim the tremendous sanctified profundity of nature and throughly evolve it by totally sidestepping your ego.

Then you are a man. Or a woman. Or a child. But whatever you call yourself you are Homo sapiens fabula and the stories you tell matter.

For you matter, and nature matters.

You matter tremendously.

And I shall commit to stand up for you and this earth, to that end, always.

I would be a fool not to. I am no fool. My insight about your value is not untrue.

And my conviction that this is totally and unequivocally true is solid.

It cannot and will not be undone.

Nothing you say or do can change that.

I would be most cruel to try to argue otherwise.

And I am not cruel. Nor am I fool.

And no, nor are you.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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