Evolution of Evolution

The evolution of the evolution of man depends simply on the understanding at the greatest depth of the depths of it:

A virus does not hijack.

It is hijacked.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Incombant / suckubant neither understood as alive or not alive undefined viruses that’s behaviour is almost defined as parasitical
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies it’s a hologram. All of it.
    When you remove the infection in your eye.
    All the parasites go away.
    Return to their none traumatized state.
    All of them.
    The frenzied willful blindness creates haste.
    Haste affirms a belief in lack.
    Nature is one.
    The top predator isn’t a predator at all.
    He is man.
    Shakespeare referenced him as “the paragon of animals.”
    Carl Sandburg said:
    There is only one man in the world and his name is all men.
    Being throughly decent matters. With no shadow self. Just wholly your self. Not false to anyone. Least of all your self.
    Love a wonderful woman – read those 3 books and they will help you love a woman better and how she can love a man better- he makes some errors – which I plan to expand on – the solutions lol not the errors – but overall he did mankind a great gift writing those three books.
    Enjoy the music. Be kind. Think so deeply your very species takes pride in you. And enjoy the fruit of your spacious gifted labors.
    It is enough. Actually ample.
    Just be thoroughly normal.
    I have travelled a great great deal in my life and I have found that people are wonderful. All they need to do is drop the pain mechanism of the enneatype. And confront what matters – the whispering of their happy authentic selves. Why would you need a teacher or savior then.
    No the conversation of a living friendly spacious authentic human being.
    The evolution of evolution actually squarely depends on it being closely honored and seen for the face it reveals moment to moment.
    Then you are just a man. But you are an awake man. And in your company no one has the right to judge themselves indignant. Not one human being. Not one.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    I have never been comfortable with the concept of parasite or preditor,as in my understanding of micillia is our design to live together forever, without conflict, hatred or fear
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Micro intelligence is unknown but theoretically most efficient
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Davies that’s all I do and did.
    It’s not difficult.
    It just requires intelligence to see what is essential in any moment.
    If you love a man or woman / then there is a natural rhythm to loving someone like that. I find that we each have someone who is meant for us. You meet them and try as you may to persuade yourself out of it…they have that special something.
    You just fit well together. That’s probably the most important thing in life. Living from the we in I am.
    Then honor your deep interests. Emerson wrote something like:not by chances does one blade of grass pull you. Learn to trust in a hidden symmetry. The only insanity to creep onto this beautiful earth was the fearful idea there is not such a symmetry. The very fear it is not there drives it away.
    Be so persistent in your looking at that fear – that specific fear – and all the faced shoots from its one root – and ping – your eyes open.
    With all its eyes, the creature-world beholds the open
    Make it the new normal.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Men in black the universe has a way of putting us in the right place at the right time for things to happen
    Matthew Davies commented :
    The only reason why things happen is because we make them happen
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Susana Ortiz – please see above comments. Susana Ortiz lol 😂 please see extra extra extra specifically the sentence, sigh, with the word “enneagram.” Yep. Only one of those /\ up there /\ right so yeah that. 😉 there are some people who will always be your filthy . I am one of them. But then you know that 😉 Right – back to that teeny weeny thing thing. You know THE thing the thing that I was saying is like really important- yeah – it is lol and I guess an hour or two we could’ clarify it better than anyone has before we both know what to keep out but the things out there right now are really muddled – I am convinced if we go through each one we will get it immediately. It’s just the play or finding the extremely specific words and for that a love of Shakespeare or literature helps – but yeah those nuances – to take Naranjo’s best distillled books on it and reduce each one to a page of text. The thing I need help with. It’s just the conversation – mean that dial-up dialogue – that’s all we need.
    . Nothing else. It will be fun. I promise we laugh so hard it hurts our sides. Or actually not interested otherwise.
    Ok. We are clear.
    Good. 😉 !! 😉
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Fearless means absence of fear. Wisdom is a light. Absolutely and categorically not a burden. You wear it well! 😉
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Matt Mayer

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