For man to know himself then three things are absolutely essential:

1. The value of each gender has to be unequivocally and absolutely appreciated. The organization of orgasmic potential in each gender must be seen and honored. No animal dishonors these things. Yet we call them brutes when he or she pointing the finger is the actual brute.

In a woman that is in two places (the vagina and the clitoris) and in the man it is in two places (the tip of the penis and the prostate).

The shame and dark madness that belittles these centers of healing must be totally and unequivocally dropped. For all time.

To say that we love ourselves or one another while we continue to walk around weighed down by such pained destructive behaviors is the epitome of insanity.

The human being must find a way, with the determination which is implied in him to love himself and his partner without the intrusion of any energetic of attacking or demeaning him or herself or any other. This is non- negotiatable and to tarry one moment longer in the overlooking of these non-perverted dignities is to perpetuate more indignity at the cost of the finer feathered eagle that looks back at us in the mirror of a deeper truth.

2. He must recognize the value of the natural world, not as an idea, not as something to argue about in the name of insecure and unintelligent -isms. But actually in light of its profound ecology. The word husband, ecology and economy – they are like the 3 points of the triangle of human dignity. Animal husbandry is where one goes to church. Human husbandry is described in these three things here listed.

There are now upon this earth men who are walking upon it who understand very soberly and sanely what I am referring to. And one man among them stands like a giant above the rest. His voice is calm and clear and that man’s voice must be heeded with the most incredible urgency we have ever heeded anything. Total urgency. Zero haste. That man’s name is Allan Savory.

There are other elements in the story he has not yet seen into but I did and not one moment must be lost in the clarification of those things to his ears. And to other incredibly specific experts in their fields.

This must be brought to application as soon as humanly possible. We do not and never have had a climate crisis. We have had, since the inception of our species, a serious and easily remediable management crisis.

Once we can see what evolution of evolution is and how it works, as I see it, with the absolute clarity that I see it, then it cannot be unseen, and if we follow all else pointed at here, then it can only be fitting and sane and thoroughly wise to change man’s scientific name from

Homo sapiens sapiens


Homo sapiens fabula

From the twicely wise (and so arrogantly so) ape/hominid to the Hominid who is as eminently wise as the stories he fashions about the glory of creation. They evolve as his understanding does. When he is totally committed to seeing what is in lieu of all else, his growth is exponential and continuous. No turbulence.

3. He must stop stock still to fully see the evolution of evolution in my next statement (and in the previous two once fully accounted for).

In all of nature and I mean all of it, with the sole exception of man, there is no waste. Man is of nature. Born of it and an extension of it. The paragon of animals.

Let us stop there. Let us stop at the word “paragon.” And completely stop. Not move from that word. Not one bit.

This is the root meaning of paragon in Greek:

touchstone to try good (gold) from bad’, from medieval Greek parakonē ‘whetstone’.

That word paragon is evolution itself.

It is the touchstone where the trial of pulling the gold from the bad is effected.

But we must further unpack good and bad. The writer of the etymology dictionary has not comprehensively understood the word. It is not good from bad.

Education means



To pull out what is within

Michelangelo pulled out what was within to create David. But it you look closely he distorted the torso. That distortion came from a belief that has been lodged in the side of man’s mind since he told his first story.

No animal on earth has this belief. Yet, every single creature in the Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya – the three domains of organic life, are waiting and have been waiting, since Homo sapiens fabula, who misnamed himself for a time, since he emerged from evolution’s purse, well, they have been patiently and persistently waiting, swallowing the pain of the top animals madness, they have been waiting for him to shame that shameful thorn out of his story, for once and for all. We can do that now. It is time. High time!

And when he does that, when he shames that shameful thorn out, and he absolutely must do that, and not delay one moment longer, when he dies to his old story: then, is categorically, definitively and definitely not reborn in the image of the insanity of what went before, but born fully, born wholly and born wholeheartedly from the surrection of meaning that his inner state at its authentic essence solidifies and clarifies when engaged with, using the faculties of urgent honest observation, discernment and discrimination, then the human being that emerges from this birth, moment to moment, he changes everything.

He creates but without any waste nor any haste. And in such an atmosphere his faculties shine forth and the whole of nature celebrates this man that all along they have known lay hidden in the stone of his mad haste.

All pollution disappears. Every tool he wields is used in the context of the whole. Every resource, whether human or natural is, necessarily so, never diminished.

There is a way to generate energy that makes our present procurement models look pitiful. In comparison with what will soon be revealed, they are.

The gate is before us. The destiny of human dignity is there.

All we have to do is walk through.

Heaven, the place of happy, blessed, fertile clouds, is here.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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