Joseph Campbell said that humor, in the right spirit, gifts us spiritual distance. That’s an incontrovertible truth right there. An undeniable one also.

I have had to focus my mind on some worldly and social challenges. I studied law for 3 weeks to clarify my position.

I had to do it. Out of self-preservation. In honor of the truth.

I am grateful for the perseverance in life that expressed itself in such a challenging moment. It Sufi-ces.

Yet, it has taken me away from clarifying the relationship between the mathematics of Terry Wall and Ramanujam and an Italian mathematician who followed in Ramanujan’s footsteps.

It cannot be understated: those three men did groundbreaking work in number theory and pure mathematics (specifically topology in Terry Wall’s case).

When you connect that work to Tesla, Einstein and Bohm and Maxwell, you have the most exciting field in modern science, beyond better managed ecologies.

The field of fuel dynamics. It is perhaps the most extraordinary field in science (I own that is my opinion) – beyond ecological holistic dynamics, thermodynamics and evolution and evolutionary psychology.

There is great hope and trust and genius in the afforded and aforementioned foci; when absolutely clarified.

Those tools, rightly used, can change the destiny of the projection of the planet.

All we have to do is value one another and the plants that feed all of life.

And hydrogen and its mysteries.

And electromagnetic and phyto-fired forces.

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