“All things, events, encounters are helpful.” From A Course in Miracles

In the Course in Miracles it says, it takes ‘great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful.”

I recognize there is a lot of fear in the collective psyche right now. But one thing that is worth bearing in mind is this: a recent study found that “an astonishing 30 percent of all protein adaptations since humans’ divergence with chimpanzees have been driven by viruses.”

“Viruses hijack nearly every function of a host organism’s cells in order to replicate and spread, so it makes sense that they would drive the evolution of the cellular machinery to a greater extent than other evolutionary pressures such as predation or environmental conditions.”

The virus is the smallest living thing but it is the most impactful historically on our physiological evolution. The science of epigenetics did not exist 25 years ago. The best way I know how to describe it is as if you look on your genetic code as a piano keyboard. The mind is the pianist. You are not the body nor the piano keyboard. But the keys that get played are the habits of mind. What we nurture gets expressed.

Modern evolutionary biologists tend to disagree with Lamarck when he said that birds have wings because they (or lizard-like ancestors basking on rocks) aspired to fly; not they fly because they randomly developed wings. But that aligns with Jung’s line to me, that: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

I am certain Lamarck was right and the present crop of scientists are just the blind leading the blind – believing the keyboard is god, and not the musician who chooses the notes. Similarly, germ theory is the main focus of modern medicine, given to us by Pasteur, but I am sure Beauchamp was right, that the general health of the biological terrain is more critical to health than big pharma playing savior by attacking pathogens.

It’s as insane as flash burning crops and the billions of dollars we spend annually on attacking weeds – the weeds just get more resilient, the soil ecology is poisoned, our foods get polluted and the big pharma executives brainwash gullible and greedy politicians into pedaling non-solutions that are ignorant to ecological principles. All because the collective mind allows a myopic focus on a diseased economy.

Pathogens won’t go away and when you fight them you create super strains. On the other hand, when your focus is fortifying the biological terrain (which is the central pivot of certain enlightened streams of farming and economics and holistic medicine) they can’t take root in the body (just as weeds don’t flourish when the soil is rightly stewarded). But then you have to see how the ecology of the cell connects with the ecology of any given habitat and the biosphere overall. I sense what we are witnessing is the externalization of a deep inner shift based on an examination of human values. Some aspirational power, such as that which gave lizards the keys to explore the domain of the air, is at work in all of this. Just like the Civil War was a war to oust economic models that favored slavery, I think this conflict is about sustainability and that it will, ultimately, see evolutions in our conduct.

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