Silkworms and Oceans

Silkworms can be part of our solutions to reverse the deserts


The ecology of fisheries in the oceans as well as the rivers and lakes of this world can be better managed

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1 thought on “Silkworms and Oceans”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Van Orchard-Maitland commented :
    I’m trying to work out how you are on my face book page ? What have I forgotten
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Van Orchard-Maitland your sanity?
    Van Orchard-Maitland replied :
    Nathan Curry well thank you for such words of wisdom …..not ! bye bye
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Van Orchard-Maitland you can run. You cannot hide.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    I am probably wrong, although they are known as worms they are in actual fact cattapillas?

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