Trust as a gift.

To end all your pain find out within yourself what trust is. Trust is a very small seed. But it doesn’t know what a weed is. That clarity, that alone can end every desert on earth in ten years.

It can understand the symptoms that scream of man not seeing into the symphony of creation and hearing its blessed music. If you dedicate yourself to but one thing, dedicate yourself to finding out what it means to trust yourself.

The real meaning of fiancé has nothing to do with rings or bended knees. All that word means is to find a path to trust. Complete sane wholehearted loving trust.

It takes incredible determination to find that in oneself. One person who has found it, just one, he ends all doctors, all hospitals, all prisons, all standing armies, all war, all emergency services, all pre-nup agreements, all religion, all pain mechanisms in man.

That is the awesome power of that, the smallest of seeds.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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