Ending the pain mechanism

You don’t fix the world by running from fixing yourself.

The pain mechanism that drove Mother Theresa that she could not see:

Yeah, it’s quite simple

You are a body-heart-mind.

You have a song to sing. You need an instrument to play the song.

Once you invest wholeheartedly in that song – you align with who you are most authentically.

Then you can know why early man, less pressured by the noise of his mad belief in scarcity and the scarred cities that belief manifested – why he referred to woman as Wah! Man.

Man is el practico

Woman is the dynamo of life

Inspiration brings creative children – real and metaphorical.

Helen Schucman denied herself the gift of children, her profound heart which beats in every single human was trying to lasoo the deepest mind and she did a damned good job.

I can only salute her.

But an error is an error and to make it an altar is madness itself.

There is no death. But the body-heart-mind has a sequence like a leaf. When the leaf has fully soaked in the saturated sunlight it drops to earth fully sated. Totally free of sorrow. That is the story of man when looked at wholeheartedly.

There is only life.

When these truths begin to penetrate one, then a different landscape, both inner and outer, very rapidly and without any haste comes to earth. Earth and hearth are not similar words by accident. This is our home. And when we love it wholeheartedly it heals as do we.

There is in you and I and all a landscape of fulfillment that knows no lack. All that remains is to bring it fully to life in you. When that happens fully in one individual it cannot not happen in all. That’s what Helen meant when she wrote that it takes one individual to fully awaken to save the world. It’s absolutely true. But it’s not some mad Jesus messiah Buddha Napoleon Pope madness.

It’s a completely grounded special love you have for your child (and no one else’s).

Mother Theresa was utterly insane. She said one sane thing:

If families lived themselves I would have no job.

You don’t fix the world by running from fixing yourself.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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